Introducing, Moi!

So, I kind of just started things with a bang {see this post here} but I thought I should probably go back and introduce myself. Well, hello there cupcake!


I am Casi. Otherwise known as Mommy, Mom, Ma-Ma, Babe, Cas, and Cupcake. Yes, I have many names in my household. In a nutshell, here is a little bit about me: I don’t have a nanny. I love cupcakes. I am about as real as they get. I multi-task like crazy. I hardly ever time for a manicure anymore let alone a glass of wine. I’m from the east coast but a Cali girl at heart. I am pretty much surrounded by chaos on a daily basis. I like to say I am organized. I will say I am a perfectionist with a little {okay, a lot} control freak on the side. I like to smile. It’s my favorite. Some will say I have a slight addiction to Diet Coke and my iPhone. And well —  I am one of the new gals on Disney Baby and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be here. For the last 8 months, I’ve been bloggin’ over at Being Pregnant. And oh wow, was it a journey. From a high-risk pregnancy to life with five littles to lots of other fun mommy things. You can catch up on my life story and than some here. Oh, and meet my newest little cupcake Grayson. After 4 girls, I finally welcomed that baby boy.

I also run cupcakeMAG. When I say run, I am the editor and founder of the company and have one amazing team that helps make things happen. From celebrity interviews, product reviews, giveaways galore, styling services, gifting celebs and more – we do it all. Let’s not forget cupcakeMAG Littles too. On a daily basis, I wear many many hats. Fashion stylist, mom, wife, writer, party stylist, photographer, shrink {for my many friends}, personal shopper – and well, the list goes on.

I am beyond excited to be sharing a little bit of my life with you here on Disney Baby. I do hope you follow along. I don’t like to talk about myself much so, I hope you stick around to get to know me a little more. I am excited to “meet” you all too! And I thought – what better way to introduce myself with a few faces to go with the names. Meet my cupcakes and me too! And of course, the darling hubs. {courtesy of my iPhone}

  • Meet Me, Director of Chaos

    Meet Me, Director of Chaos

    Please. Excuse the dark circles. This was quickly snapped!

  • Meet the Darling Hubs

    Meet the Darling Hubs

    He is thrilled he has another “man” in the house finally.

  • Zoe


    Miss Zoe is almost ten and such a doll. The oldest of the bunch who is obsessed with the Titanic and all about her friends. Yes, the drama has begun in 4th grade. She is such a great girl!

  • McKenzie


    Oh, M! A spit-fire and just a ball of energy. She cracks jokes like she is ten years old. You wouldn’t believe the things she says. At 5 years old she already has two goals in life: to be a fashion designer and to be on The Ellen Show.

  • Little Miss Style

    Little Miss Style

    She is all about the fashion. For Christmas she has already asked for “a bunch of clothes.” True story.

  • Kennadi {Kennedy}

    Kennadi {Kennedy}

    She is a snuggle bug. Such a lover. She loves to give you kisses. She loves to help. She is a true mother hen. Oh, and my mini-me. LOVE her.

  • Sadie


    Sadie bug is almost 18 months old and boy does this girl love to smile. A big ol’ ham and full of life. You could be having the worst day and this little face will make you smile. She keeps us cracking up all day, everyday.

  • Grayson


    Our little stud muffin was born 4 weeks early on October 1st. I just want to snuggle with him all day.

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