Instagram Mom to Follow: Brooke White

While I just joined Instagram in November (I didn’t have an iPhone until then!), it’s quickly become my favorite form of social media. While I was looking through photos I’ve liked I noticed something almost all of them had in common, they were all of babies! Almost all of the Instagram-ers I follow are moms or dads and I love seeing daily photos of their sweet little babes. So I thought I’d share regularly some of my favorite moms and dads on Instagram since you might enjoy them too.

First up, I love following Brooke White.


Brooke White is a well known recoding artist and half of the duo behind The Girls With Glasses. She is a mom of a little 8 month old girl, London, whose round face and infectious grin make you just want to give her a squeeze. Not only are the photos of little London cute, it’s fun to get little glimpses of Brooke’s busy schedule that seems way more glamourous than mine.

You can follow Brooke on Instagram under the user name realbrookewhite.

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