Instagram Dad to Follow: Ryan Marshall


While I just joined Instagram a few months ago, it’s quickly become my favorite form of social media. While I was looking through photos I’ve liked I noticed something almost all of them had in common, they were all of babies! Almost all of the Instagram-ers I follow are moms or dads and I love seeing daily photos of their sweet little babes. So I thought I’d share regularly some of my favorite moms and dads on Instagram since you might enjoy them too. Lately I’ve been loving every photo that Ryan Marshall posts.
Ryan Marshall, Instagram

First off, Ryan is an actual photographer so he’s got the eye for great light and interesting angles. Secondly, his two children are adorable and their personalities just boost through the screen. It will be fun when their third arrives to see how he captures the newborn stage. I love getting inspiration from his photos!

You can find Ryan on Instagram right here.

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