All the Things I Want to Remember From Ingrid’s First Year

My little baby Ingrid Grey turned ONE last week. Her first year flew by at lightning speed! I still think of her as my tiny newborn, squeaking and sleeping peacefully, but in reality she is ONE – “talking,” crawling like a champ, and becoming so much fun! As cliche as it sounds, it goes by too fast. I already have a hard time remembering her stats and “firsts”, I can’t imagine what it will be like 5, 10, 20 years from now! Looking back through all of the photos from Ingrid’s first year was such a treat. Here are all the things I never want to forget…

  • A Dainty Newborn

    A Dainty Newborn

    Even though you were a big baby (over 8 pounds at birth!) you were so dainty. Your long fingers and sweet little lips were so easy to fall in love with…

  • The Moment You Were Born

    The Moment You Were Born

    I will never forget the moment you were born. I pulled you to my chest and thanked the Lord for you…

  • Meeting Your Sister

    Meeting Your Sister

    Your sister was the first person you met after your daddy and me. I’ll never forget the way she said “baba” and wanted to give you a high-5.

  • All Your Faces

    All Your Faces

    At just one month old, you were making the funniest facial expressions – smiling, smirking, winking… It was adorable!

  • Jabba the Hutt

    Jabba the Hutt

    I will never forget THIS photo! This was your first huge smile, making you look like a tiny Jabba the Hutt!

  • Your First Laugh

    Your First Laugh

    I’ll never forget when you laughed for the very first time. You had a deep belly laugh, and it always made me laugh, too!

  • Sister Bonding

    Sister Bonding

    I never had a sister, so I was excited to see what everyone meant by that “sisterly bond.” The two of you get along so well already and I can’t wait to see you grow up together!

  • First Family Vacation

    First Family Vacation

    Our family vacation to Lake Michigan will go down in the books. At just four months old, you were a traveling champ!

  • Mama's Girl

    Mama's Girl

    I’m blessed to call you a mama’s girl! Thanks to breastfeeding, you and I are quite the pair!

  • Thumb Sucker

    Thumb Sucker

    You never did like a pacifier. You found your little thumb at just a few days old and have loved it ever since!

  • Blue Eyes

    Blue Eyes

    You have the brightest blue eyes! Even strangers comment on how big and beautiful they are. (Lucky duck!)

  • Apple Picking

    Apple Picking

    On our annual apple picking trip, we put you in a bucket and got the cutest little photo. I never want to forget this!

  • Staying at Home

    Staying at Home

    After you were born, I was finally able to stay home with you and your sister. I am SO thankful to be able to spend my days with you girls!

  • Our Photo Shoots

    Our Photo Shoots

    Our monthly photo shoots became one of my favorite things. You are such a little champ and give me the best smiles every time!

  • First Halloween

    First Halloween

    The three of us girls made quite the little farming trio on your very first Halloween. (Little did I know we were foreshadowing our life as farm girls!)

  • Afternoons


    I’ll never forget the way that you and your sister (and the dog) would wait for Daddy to get home in the afternoons!

  • First Snow

    First Snow

    I love this picture of you, Addie, and your dad, watching the snow fall…

  • First Christmas

    First Christmas

    I’ll never forget your very first Christmas (and our first Christmas as a family of four)!

  • Adventures


    I’m thrilled that you and your sister like to go exploring! Here’s a photo from our first hike at our new farm…

  • Turning One

    Turning One

    And just like that, you are a year old! I never want to forget the smile you got when everyone started singing “Happy Birthday” to you!

I love you baby girl! Here’s to year number two!


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