Imaginary Role Play: Baby in the Kitchen

You know how we go all nutters planning what birthday or holiday presents we’re going to buy our little ones? Isn’t it awesome when we hit the nail on the head and they don’t cast their shiny new present to the side almost immediately, or a few short weeks after receiving it?

That’s exactly what I’m talking about here. My baby girl fell in love with the play kitchen we got her and her bro over the holidays and she hasn’t looked back since. It’s the first things she goes for in the morning and revolves around many free-play activities that she hooks up for herself. Stuffies and books go on the top shelf according to her and the much of the ‘food’ she makes in there gets fed to her babies.

Running in for a close second is her miniature baby doll stroller, which she parks right next to the kitchen. So.

  • Getting Busy in the Kitchen...

    Getting Busy in the Kitchen...

    Click through for 5 adorable images of little Abby living it up in her play kitchen!

  • Busy Little Bee

    Busy Little Bee

    It is often said that babies love to mimic what their parents do, which is clearly the case here. I know all babies are drawn towards imaginative role-play – but Abby straight up copies me and runs to her little kitchen the moment I step in the real deal to prep a meal. Seriously cute business.

  • Making Food For Her Family

    Making Food For Her Family

    She loves to make us ‘nacks’ (snacks) and spoon feed us from her play plates and cutlery. For someone who won’t eat green salad herself, she sure is adamant about us eating it.

  • Snackin & Cookin'

    Snackin & Cookin'

    Another thing she loves to do is have a little snack container of cherrios to stash in the cupboard, or ‘bake’ in the oven, or add to her ‘home-made soups and stews’. Oh, the YUMMINESS.

  • Making Salad

    Making Salad

    Currently the only kind of salad (of the green leafy variety anyways) she will eat is of the pretend variety. I wonder who bought this for her thinking that it would peak her interest for the real thing? *Looks around*

  • Have Tutu, Will Snack

    Have Tutu, Will Snack

    I put an apple and a banana in one of the cupboards or the fridge, and she thinks it’s the BEST THING EVER when she finds snacks for herself while playing in her kitchen. She often combines strolling her babies with kitchen role-play, and feeding her babies her culinary creations. As one does.

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