I Have a Baby!… Now What?

Congratulations! Your little one is finally here! It’s thrilling and exhausting and emotionally overwhelming and it is everything all rolled up into one. You probably have a thousand facebook notifications waiting for you and tons of people asking to visit. What do you do first? Here’s my list of top 5 (not-at-all-scientific-or-medical) things you should do when you have your baby, based on my own experience!

babys first bath


5. Take some moments to yourself! I know you’re probably bursting to instagram a photo of your most beautiful baby in the world, and your friends and family are nervously waiting for the news. But this is a HUGE moment in your life that deserves to be honored. Take some time to cuddle as a family and just enjoy and soak in the precious first moments together. Okay, now take a picture.

4. Don’t exclude your partner. It is natural to feel extremely protective and want to be in control of every millisecond but don’t exclude your partner during this precious time. This is a HUGE life changing moment in their life too, let them enjoy being a part of it with you.

3. Pace yourself! Everyone will want to see you and snuggle on your new little bundle of magic. But pace yourself. Don’t feel pressured to host every person you’ve ever known or met all in 48 hours. Your friends and family will understand.

2. Accept all the free food! Do it! Friends will offer to bring you food. They actually WANT to help you somehow. They aren’t just saying it to be nice, they really want to bring you food. Take advantage of it because you’ll be cooking all your own dinners for years to come. ;)

1. You may be supermom, but even the best heroes have sidekicks. Let the people closest to you help you. It’s not failure to have assistance. Let your partner or your parents or your nurses or friends who whoever it is in your life be there for you. You know what they say… it takes a village? Well let the village of loved ones encircle you with their love and support. Soak it all in. It’s beautiful.

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