I Dream of Tutus

When you have two little boys, you get a lot of questions. Ok, it’s really just one question in a few different forms.

“Are you going to try for a girl?”

And, when you have a third — who happens to be a girl — you get a lot of, “Oh, you got your girl!”

The truth is, we didn’t have a third because we were desperate to have a girl. I always figured I’d have three boys. And I really and truly thought that I would love that. But there was one itty-bitty thing I felt I’d miss out on. Little pink leotards, ballet shoes, and, yes, tutus.

Ballet Baby

It’s true. I have an irrational love of sweet soft skin against that ballet pink. The way little girls move with such freedom, while maintaining a sense of grace. I love the contradiction of a disciplined art form being taught to unruly toddlers. The hair pulled back, the feet pointed out, and the heart set in motion. Those beginning ballet classes are everything wonderfully girlie without being overly frilly.

I joked with my friends that if I had another boy, they were going to have to let me take their little girls to ballet. But now I have a baby girl. And she loves to dance. She’s a long way from taking classes, but I can’t help but picture her taking to the floor in her pastels and tulle.

I envision her spinning in wild circles, leaping from here to there (while going pretty much nowhere), and letting the joy of music and movement become second nature to her. Maybe it will be a short lived moment in time for me to hold on to. Or maybe my dream will turn into her passion for years to come.

Either way is fine with me. As long as I get a little taste of that dreamy pink tutu.

What do you hope to experience with your baby (no matter how big or small)?

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