“I Don’t Like It!”

I’m constantly looking for new ways to develop my daughter’s communication skills. At almost 23 months she’s becoming more and more opinionated, and she wants desperately to get those opinions out. When she can’t find the words, it becomes tantrum-inducing chaos. Well, this past week, a light turned on. And now whenever she isn’t enjoying something, she knows exactly what to say.

“I don’t like it.”

What does she not like?

grumpy pink

English muffins. Bibs. (Both proven in this picture.) When her brothers get in her face. Wearing shoes that fit. Napping. Sitting in the grocery cart. Wearing clothes. Wearing a diaper. (Though apparently she does like jumping on the couch once said clothes and diaper are torn off.) Having her hair combed. Having her hair in her face. Drinking milk. Having a lid on her sippy cup. Spilling water all over herself. When I say no. Coloring on paper instead of the kitchen table (or her brother’s homework). Having a runny nose. Not being able to shoot a basketball like her big brothers. Matching. Being told she can’t eat a chocolate bunny for breakfast (again). And that’s just between 7am and noon today.

Yes, I do love that my little girl is expressing herself so well. But this new phrase, well, I’m beginning to think I don’t like it.

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