How To Support Your Pregnant Friends (Hint: Lead With Love)

Babies bring out the best in people. But sometimes, the preparing for babies can bring out the worst. Everyone has their opinions on the best ways to do things. They have their own dreams about the way things should be and how things should go. And sometimes the differences between us can cause a rift when friends get pregnant. As my own friends have gotten pregnant since I had my son, I’ve learned some things about navigating the world of having pregnant friends. Here are 5 simple tips to help you support your friends when they are pregnant…

pregnant friends

1. Respect Their Journey – Pregnancy can be exciting and thrilling but it can also be scary and overwhelming sometimes. Your friend is going through a lot of changes physically and emotionally, respect that journey and support them through the ups and downs.


2. Their Decisions are Not a Judgement of Yours – Everyone has very different expectations, plans, and goals for their pregnancy and their birth. And every women tries to make the absolute best decisions for her family that she can. If those decisions are different from the one’s you made, it isn’t a judgement of you, it’s just a difference of opinion. Support your friend happily, and let the differences fall away.

3. Lead with Love – Always come from a place of love. If you’ve been through this before, you are a wealth of knowledge for her, and you can offer her support and understanding that others might not be able to.

4. Help From Experience – If you have kids already, and your friends are pregnant, you have a special ability to help them in ways they may not have even realized they need help. Be open with your friend when she needs to know something, be supportive, tell her what to expect and be honest. Use your experience to be able to provide things you know they need but they might not. (Like frozen dinners, help cleaning the house, that one special brand of blankets that you know are just the absolute best, etc.)

5. Do Something Sweet, Just Because – You now, a gift certificate for a massage, babysit her kids for an afternoon so she can do something for herself, take her for pedicures, bring her a delicious and healthy dinner, give her a pregnancy care package with things you found useful, offer to go on a walk with her, make a run to her favorite donut shop when she has a craving, etc.

Do you have any other helpful tips? Leave them for other readers in the comments section below! :)

Image by: Kelly Walker at my sweet friend Katy’s baby shower

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