How to Get Back Into the Swing of Things After Baby

Just today I was asked if I would guest post for a fellow blogger after she had a baby. It reminded me of doing the exact same thing about a year ago, trying to prepare before Beck’s arrival so I could step away from work for a bit. It also reminded me of how hard it was to get back into work and just the normal everyday schedule after his arrival. But eventually I did and here’s what helped me:
advice for new parents

After the first couple of weeks, I would make a to do list every day and only include one thing. Once I got to the point where that one thing was easily completed and I still felt like I could do more, I added one more thing a day. That’s it. I gradually figured out a schedule that worked and felt somewhat productive while getting to that point.

New moms, don’t put too much on yourself. Say yes when people offer help and even if you don’t complete that one item on your to do list, you’re doing great. You’re doing so great!

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