How to Entertain a 6 Month Old Baby

Babies can be enigmas: they grow quickly and what excites them one moment might bore them to [literal!] tears the next. Yet there are a few foolproof games, activities and toys that seem to be universally loved at specific ages in our babies’ lives. Here are 10 of Bee’s current favorites at the ripe age of 6 months! Tell me, does your baby love these as much as we do?:

  • The Airplane

    The Airplane

    You know the drill – Airplane is the world-famous game where you balance baby on your knees and fly them through the air (while holding on, of course!). Bee loves to go up, down, sideways – the more unexpected, the better!

  • The Raspberry

    The Raspberry

    Dads give the best raspberries (belly, face and chin!) – especially when an itchy beard is present.

  • Upside Down

    Upside Down

    While snuggling your baby close to your chest, bend over so baby is upside down, then pop back up! This one’s a favorite in our house, especially when coupled with “Pop, Goes the Weasel”.

  • The Hat

    The Hat

    Hats are fun for 6-month-olds, whether they’re putting them on, taking them off or smiling at themselves in the mirror!

  • The Knitted Toy

    The Knitted Toy

    For drooly days, knitted toys are both playful and handy! Bee loves knitted rattles that make lots of sound as she rolls them around during tummy time.

  • The Piggyback Ride

    The Piggyback Ride

    Because even babies want to know what the weather’s like wayyyyy up there, right?

  • Scooting


    Give your 6-month-old room to roam and watch them scoot around happily. We like placing her our bed (supervised!) as she practices scooting, rolling and crawling.

  • The Non Toy

    The Non Toy

    Toys are great, but sometimes non-toys (like wooden spatulas, in this case!) are even better.

  • The Exersaucer

    The Exersaucer

    Let baby strengthen those legs and roam free with an exersaucer or walker.

  • You!


    At the end of the day, YOU are your baby’s favorite toy. No batteries required!

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