On Trusting Your Baby, and Yourself

…and forget the rest.


There’s something to be said for a mother’s intuition, sure, but what about a baby’s instinct? At just over two weeks old, I’m amazed at this little creation I’ve birthed: her sweet lips, twinkling eyes and teeny toes. But what mesmerizes me most? Her intuition.

Sure, she’s far from self-sufficient, but there’s something incredible about watching her interact with this bright, big world. How when she lies on her back for a bath, she instantly reaches for something to hang on to, just in case her Dad’s hand isn’t there to catch her (even though, of course, it always is). Or how when she nurses, she knows how and where to latch herself, holding her head up until she gets it just right.

Babies are remarkable beings. And new mothers can sometimes be riddled with fear. So as I’ve slowly been transitioning into the art of mothering a newborn over the past few weeks, I’ve been reminding myself of a new philosophy: When I don’t know the answer, my baby does.

Forget the “Is this normal?” Google search. Forget the sleep-scheduling, breastfeeding timers and ounce measurements. Forget relying on parenting theories and unsolicited advice. Instead, relax and let your mother’s intuition take over. And if it fails you? Your sweet baby’s instinct will help you with the rest.

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