Hooray For Baby’s First Summer!

So it’s not officially summer yet, but today was a milestone at the very busy casa. Today my sweet girl, Little L took her first official dip in the pool. She didn’t make sound, just waved her arms a bit and stared. I could see her looking at the water, watching the kids splash around and her little hands dug into the side of my arms.

I don’t think she was scared, it was just a whole new feeling — like a bath times 1000 I suppose. As a mom I am super excited about this summer — I didn’t get to experience this with my oldest because we were living in London at the time and it never got that hot and when it did we didn’t have outdoor pools nearby.

Now it’s time to shop for summer time accessories — a new swimsuit for me and a cute hat and coverup for Little L. I can’t wait! She looked A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E in her striped bathing suit.

So who’s ready to the the summer started?



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