Holiday Cookies

The holidays are perfect for spending extra time with your kids doing fun activities. You can make a sweet treat together, and even little ones can help with this project. A few simple ingredients create cute cookies you can give to neighbors or put out for Santa. You’ll love the way they look when you’re done.

You will need: sugar cookie dough, a round circle cutter, mini shaped cookie cutters, candy melts in your choice of colors, melting chocolate bottles, parchment paper


Roll out the sugar cookie dough and cut into circles using a cookie cutter. Cut out the center of the cookie with a smaller shaped cookie cutter. Bake the cookies as directed for your recipe.

Melt the candy melts (colored white chocolate) in the bottles according using directions on the package. Once the cookies have cooled, place them onto a sheet of parchment paper. Squeeze the melted candy melts into the center holes of the cookies. Make sure to let the chocolate completely set up and harden before moving the cookies.

Once the candy melts have hardened, package up the cookies to hand out to your friends and neighbors!

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