Holding Onto Memories With Baby Keepsake Books

I have a confession to make.  My 3rd child just turned 3 months old, and I haven’t even started filling in his memory book.  Scratch that.  I don’t even have a memory book to fill out!  How did I miss this when preparing for baby to come?  Well I guess it’s never too late to start one and so I’m on the hunt for a cute and easy to fill out memory keepsake book so my 3rd child won’t grow up to feel like the 3rd child ;) Click through to see a few I’ve found.

  • Mickey Mouse Baby Days Book

    Mickey Mouse Baby Days Book

    This adorable Mickey Mouse baby book has an area to add a cover photo and pages to fill up memories from baby’s first 5 years of life! Buy it on Amazon

  • Classic Pooh

    Classic Pooh

    I love the beautiful design of this book. So soft and simple in color and texture, this book also allows for 5 years of memory recording, and has a loose leaf expandable design and acid free archival pages. This may be the one I choose! Buy it on Amazon

  • Winnie Keepsake Book and Box

    Winnie Keepsake Book and Box

    With 64 pages to fill in baby’s first 5 years of memories, this fun and colorful book also comes with a special keepsake box that has a special place to store a rattle, booties and other special mementos. Also available in a pink version for baby girls. Buy it at Amazon

  • Baby's First Year Calendar

    Baby's First Year Calendar

    For those of us that have a hard time filling out five years of memories, and bringing out a special book to record each event, this calendar that covers Baby’s First Year is just perfect! I may have to pick up one of these in case I fall short on filling out the memory book! Buy it at Amazon

  • Winnie The Pooh Brag Book

    Winnie The Pooh Brag Book

    This sweet little brag book is the perfect gift for the grandparents, who want their own memories of baby to share! I’m adding this to the Christmas list for sure. Buy it at The Disney Store

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