Hilarious Naughty and Nice Baby Photos

‘Tis the season for Santa to check his list twice. I figured I’d help him out a bit by reminding him of some of the funnier moments in these little ones’ lives. And if it spreads a bit of holiday cheer, all the better.

Here’s to you and your little elves this season!

  • Sweet, But Not Innocent

    Sweet, But Not Innocent

    “Wait, the frosting is missing? Any ideas on where it went? Me neither…” says Carly’s little girl’s face. While she may have a bit of trouble with the truth, she takes her civic responsibility seriously. (Wait, did she lie about her age too?)

    Photo courtesy of Carly, The Ever Clever Mom

  • Puppy Love

    Puppy Love

    Thoughtful and generous. And they say kids don’t share. Take note, Santa. Take note.

  • Puppy Food Love

    Puppy Food Love

    Speaking of sharing, this pup was kind enough to share some kibble. Or just be gone long enough not to notice.

    Photo courtesy of Amber, Healthy Body Healthy Life

  • Lending a Hand

    Lending a Hand

    Sorting the laundry is just one way this little guy helps around the house.

  • Taking a Dip

    Taking a Dip

    I guess you could look at this as nice. After all, I did tell him it was time for a bath.

  • Oh Vanity

    Oh Vanity

    Every girl wants to look good, but diving into Grandpa’s shaving cream? Well, I’m pretty sure that qualifies as naughty.

    Photo courtesy of Amber, Healthy Body Healthy Life

  • Hey, Look Over There

    Hey, Look Over There

    “Maybe if I point at the airplane in the sky, no one will notice the handful of dirt I just ate.”

  • A Nice Attempt

    A Nice Attempt

    I don’t know any parent who wouldn’t like the kids to help around the house a bit more, but I draw the line at playing with knives.

  • Missed a Spot

    Missed a Spot

    This picture of Zil’s little guy needs no words. (Except maybe, “Look away, Santa, look away!”)

  • A Nice Little Nibble

    A Nice Little Nibble

    Santa, take note: She worked really, really hard to cross “cutting toenails” off my to-do list.

  • I've Been TP'ed!

    I've Been TP'ed!

    Nice move, trying to play the victim. But I’m pretty sure Santa can see right through the act.

  • Need a Marker?

    Need a Marker?

    “I’ll give you one of mine. If you use it to put me on the ‘nice’ list…”

    Photo courtesy of Amber, Healthy Body Healthy Life

Has your baby been naughty or nice this year?

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