He’s Loose: 7 Areas of Our Home That Needed Baby Proofing

He’s not walking yet, but can crawl faster than a cheetah chasing his dinner. He’s curious, he’s adventurous, and he’s into absolutely everything! If I turn my back for one single second, surely a mess will follow.

Toilets, stairs, guitars, and appliances. Nothing is out of reach or out of bounds for my little baby on the move. If there is something he shouldn’t get into, he will seek it out, and he will destroy it completely.

This past weekend, after cleaning up one to many messes, and witnessing a few too many close calls, our house got a baby proofing makeover. All four levels of our home (yes I know that’s a lot of stairs), are now safe for baby Paul navigate. It many not be pretty, but it’s a safe place!

7 areas around the house that needed baby proofing:

  • Bathroom


    The sound of the toilet flushing is music to baby Paul’s ears.

    Solution: the toilet seat now has a lock on it and we’ve relocated how we store extra toilet paper rolls.

  • Stairs


    Our house has four levels, which means stairs are everywhere!

    Solution: gates, gates, and more gates. We’ve installed gates in 3 different locations.

  • My Husband's Guitar

    My Husband's Guitar

    For ages now, my husband has been storing his guitar in the corner of my office. Baby Paul thinks it’s super fun to pluck the strings, and turn the tuning knobs.

    Solution: We installed a permanent hook on the wall for the guitar to be stored. I like to call it functional art.

  • Refrigerator


    The refrigerator is a true favorite of baby Paul’s (I guess he takes after his mother, I too love the refrigerator). So much to see, so much to touch! So much to snack on!

    Solution: I’ve honestly haven’t come up with a one. He can’t open the door himself, but comes running every time it opens. When it’s meal time and I’m cooking, I play man-to-man defense against baby Paul and the fridge.

  • Dishwasher


    I’m convinced baby Paul is just trying to be good helper, because every time I load or unload the dishwasher, he’s right there to help.

    Solution: All “sharps” are now kept on the top rack, and I save my loading and unloading to nap time or after he’s in bed.

  • Craft Closet

    Craft Closet

    In my home office, we have a closet where the big kids keep all their art supplies. Baby Paul thinks creating messes are way more fun than creating art, especially because everything is stored at his level.

    Solution: We installed a hook and eye lock on the door at a level where the big kids can reach, but baby Paul cannot.

  • Cabinets


    At one point in time, every cabinet in the house had a childproof latch installed. Over the years, many of them have either broken or taken off.

    Solution: The solution was simple but time consuming. My husband went around to every cabinet either fixing existing latches or reinstalling where needed.

As you can see, baby Paul took the guessing game right out of the baby proofing job. All it took was following him around for a few hours to see just the areas of the house that needed a little safety TLC.

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