He’s Found His Face!

Last night as we were waiting in the doctor’s office, little Hayden started making the most unusual and quite frankly, funniest faces, we have ever seen!  It was truly special and exciting, and of course funny, to see him literally discover his facial muscles and their ability to move to his will.  Up until now he hasn’t done much with facial expressions other than the typical instinctual things like cry, pout and of course smile.  But to see him start to fool around with tongue manipulation, cheek control and eye movement was really fun.  And he of course started to feed off of our reaction to him, which was pure hysterical laughter.  He kept us all entertained while we waited for a good 15 minutes. 

  • Our Little Funny Man!

    Our Little Funny Man!

    Click through to take a peek at some cute and hysterical faces of my little guy!

  • We Meet Eyes

    We Meet Eyes

    At first we were just staring at each other, or rather he was staring at me, as I was making silly talk with him. Then all of a sudden…

  • And So It Begins

    And So It Begins

    He locks eyes with the toy hooked to his carseat handle and seems to start making faces at it! He started with this lip pucker thing.

  • And Then The Tongue

    And Then The Tongue

    And then he began sticking his tongue out at the toy. At first just ever so slightly, and then…

  • It Reachers Further!!!

    It Reachers Further!!!

    His cute little tongue starts sticking further and further out! It was like he was trying to see just how far he could stretch it out!

  • And Then It Retracts

    And Then It Retracts

    Once he reached it as far as it would stretch, the tongue retracts and he started the silly face making all over again. He stayed staring at his little toy the entire time, so it really did seem like he was making faces, or better yet, playing a little game with his toy. It was the funniest and sweetest thing he has done yet. I just love seeing their personalities develop each and every day!

So how has your baby made you laugh lately? Or has your baby started doing anything new and funny and cute recently?  Please share!

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