He’s a Double Thumb Sucker Offender

Until baby Paul, I’ve never had a thumb-sucker. My first born had a mean pacifier addiction that extended until she was almost two years old, and my other two children could sooth themselves perfectly fine without any type of “sucker” in their mouth.

But baby Paul, he’s apparently an overachiever when it comes to self-soothing. I mean really, why suck one thumb, when you can suck two thumbs?

That’s right, he’s a double-thumb sucker offender.

he's a double-thumbsucker

I could be horrified. I could try to break him of this doubly-bad habit. But honestly, I think it’s pretty adorable. And in addition to it being cute, it’s an extremely reliable visual clue to when he’s tired, or needs some quality snuggle time.

For instance, not sure baby Paul is ready for his afternoon nap? Wondering if he’s all finished with his lunch? Check his thumbs! Are they in his mouth? The answer can always be found in the double thumb sucking.

And sure, there will come a day with the double thumb sucking will become increasingly less adorable. And I’m confident that if he ever wants to get a professional job or find a mate, the thumb sucking will probably have to cease.

But for today, he can suck his thumb all he wants. He’s my last baby, and my baby can have what my baby wants.

How about you? Raise your hand if you had a thumb sucker (raise both hands if you have an awesome double sucker like baby Paul)!

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