The Post in Which I Talk About Myself


You know when you first meet someone and you go through the sort of checklist of get to know you questions? And after you go through them all either the conversation continues to flow or it stops awkwardly? Well here are my answers to the checklist and I hope that the conversation doesn’t fall flat afterwards because I’ll be hanging around these parts for a while.
family photo
Name: Melanie
Husband: Ryan (he’s an attorney)
Son: Beck (11 weeks)
Occupation: mom and blogger
Grew up in: Montana
Currently reside in: Denver
Family: youngest of seven girls (no my dad wasn’t disappointed, yes he’s quiet)
Hobbies: throwing parties, making stuff, going to lunch, Target
Dislikes: raisins, when people don’t turn on their blinker, dogs who lick me, watching golf on TV

I’m a newbie mom so of course the advice and talk of babies is just gushing out of me. Be prepared. I hope we can still be friends.

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