Have I Told You About the Time I Had a Baby?

Last night I was out with a few girlfriends celebrating one of the ladies who’s about to have baby #3. Between the four of us there are already ten kids, but each new addition is a thrill. Not only will there be one more bundle of joy/giggles/baby rolls, there will be one more birth story.

Yes, really.


I can’t explain it, but somehow whenever you get a group of moms together in the presence of (or discussion about) a mom-to-be, the stories begin. The brave warrior who would rather forgo the epidural than have a needle put in her back. The conveniently scheduled induction because the doctor wanted to spend Thanksgiving with his family (and the mom-to-be-again, who may or may not have been me, didn’t want a day of gluttony to be wasted on hospital food). The mom whose cup runneth over finding that amniotic fluid does too when your water breaks at home. The outrageously patient saint who went (what seemed like) weeks past her due date. Twice.

What is it about these stories that makes us want to tell them — and hear them — over and over again?

Here’s what I think. When you have a baby, you’re at your most vulnerable. Physically. Emotionally. You are quite literally giving yourself over to another human. It involves risk, sacrifice, fear, hope, exhilaration, and the most pure form of love. There’s truly no other experience like it. So while you may not want to really and truly go through it again, you can’t help but want to hold on to the miracle. Your miracle. Your story. Because you know it had a happy ending. Even if there were complications and things didn’t turn out how you expected them to.

Yes, after nine months (give or take a bit), you not only end up with a glorious, wonderful baby, you come away with a badge of honor. One you should wear with pride. You, mama, gave birth and created a new life (or two, three…). And I am in awe of you. And you are in awe of you. As you should be.

So, get comfortable and tell me your birth story/stories. (Minus the ewwy gooey parts, of course. This is Disney Baby, after all.) I promise to listen, nod, and give you a big ol’ pat on the back. You deserve it.

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