Happiness Is…Sweet Little Baby Feet!

Little L is three months now. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t stop and stare.

I look her over, starting with her perfectly round head, her chubby cheeks, let her little fingers grab on my fingers, let her long legs kick and flick and then…the feet. Those ten perfectly formed toes and little heals. I dare any mother to resist them  — but they can’t! I always ALWAYS end up kissing, tickling and cuddling her sweet little feet and not just when doing baby massage, its all of the time — it’s addicting!


Sweet Little Baby Feet

I mean, they are just to die for! She starts to wave her arms, lets out a coo sound and flashes me one big gummy and wet smile. Ohhhh! All of my worries, deadlines and my zombie like state just fade away when I experience her utter joy — and it all started with those adorable feet! In that moment nothing else matters, it’s just she and I enjoying each others company and love.

Even when covered with socks or booties, they are still as cute as ever. People will stop us on the street to admire her footwear and oooh and ahhh over how cute she and her feet are.

Seriously, how can you possibly resist these?

Happiness really is my baby’s sweet little feet.



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