All About the Hand: Games to Play with Baby Using Your Hand

When you become a parent, you find yourself suddenly being really creative, imaginative, and inventive. You invent games, songs, and things to do to keep your newborn entertained. Though at first newborns don’t do much, as they start growing and becoming more aware, they pay attention to a lot that goes on around them. This is about the same time that as parents, we start pointing out objects and their names.

Something I would do with my babies was show them my hands. The hands seemed to keep them mesmerized, which was great for moments when they were in their car seats or strollers for a length of time.

Baby's Hand Inside Dad's Hand

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I grew up hearing a couple of hand-related songs in Spanish that of course, I also sang to my babies. Both have hand movements that accompany the song. Additionally, I made up a simple hand game and song that would help my baby boy stop fussing as he became engaged. It’s silly, but hey, whatever works, right?

In case you want to give these three songs and games a try, let me share them with you. I’m sure your baby will love watching your hands move as much as mine did! (Note: I’ve provided loose English translations for the two Spanish songs, adapted from the book Sing Along with Abuelita Rosa: Hispanic Lullabies.)

Pon Pon Pon
While singing, put your index finger in the middle of your other hand.

Pon, pon, pon
El dedito en el pilón.
Pon, pon, pon
El dinerito en el bolsón.


In English:

Put, put, put
Put your finger in your palm.
Put, put, put
Your coins inside your bag.

Que Linda Manita
While singing, wave your hand back and forth slowly, sort of like a princess wave.

Que linda manita
Que tiene el bebé,
Que linda, que mona
Que bonita es.

Pequeños deditos,
Rayitos de sol,
Que gire, que gire
Como un girasol.

In English:

What a pretty little hand, the baby has.
How pretty, how cute
So pretty it is.

Tiny, little fingers,
Like rays of sun,
They turn and turn,
Like a sunflower does.

Count Your Fingers
(This is my made-up game. Literally, just put your hand out and count each finger in a sing-song manner while wiggling each finger.)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Repeat several times for Baby

You’ll find yourself inventing new games as you try to calm your fussing baby or just want to play with him or her. Being silly is one of those new traits you’ll learn to embrace!

What games have you invented along the way?

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