20 Spooktacular Halloween Treats to Make with Your Kids

Fall is my favorite time of year! The weather cools off, the stores start to sell cinnamon brooms again, and pumpkin spice lattes hit the coffee shops! I also love all the holiday recipes and fun themed foods that you can find. I rounded up my 20 favorite Halloween-inspired treats that are simple enough for you to make with your kids! It’s perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Click through and tell me your favorites!

  • 20 Easy, Halloween Themed Treats to Make With Your Kids!

    20 Easy, Halloween Themed Treats to Make With Your Kids!

    I compiled the best and easiest Halloween inspired recipes for fun treats you can make with your kids. Click through for 20 deliciously scary recipes!

  • Mummy Mini Pizzas

    Mummy Mini Pizzas

    Have the kids help put these mini pizzas together. All you need are English muffins, sauce, cheese, and olives to make these mummies. Click the link below for the recipe.
    Crafty Chicks Cuppa Coffee

  • A Bowl of Worms

    A Bowl of Worms

    This is such a fun and easy idea. Use your favorite Jell-O and simple, disposable bendy straws to make wiggly worms at home! Click the link below for the instructions!
    Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

  • Healthy Boo-Nanas

    Healthy Boo-Nanas

    Looking for a healthy Halloween alternative? Try these simple banana pops decorated to look like howling ghosts. Click the link below for instructions.
    Nugget Market

  • Eyeball Bites

    Eyeball Bites

    These are so fun. Use doughnut holes to make bloodshot eyeballs on a fork. Bite-size and super fun to decorate, your kids will love these.
    Crafty Chicks Cuppa Coffee

  • Ghost Poop

    Ghost Poop

    Surprise your kiddos with a little package of ghost poop in their lunch box. This idea cracks me up.

  • Cup-o-Dirt


    I’m not going to lie, I had to include this one because it was a favorite of mine as a kid. Cups of dirt are super easy: pudding, crushed up cookies, and gummy worms. Have kids help you crunch up the cookies to make the “dirt”. Directions via the link below.
    Our Best Bites

  • Candy Corn Pizza

    Candy Corn Pizza

    This is so simple, it’s genius! Have kids sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese in a ring around an uncooked pizza near the crust. Then another ring of mozzarella under that. Bake and enjoy! More directions via the link below.
    Our Best Bites

  • Witches Hats

    Witches Hats

    This is an oldie, but a goodie. Upside down cookies, kisses, and orange icing make these “witches hats”. So easy, kids will love helping assemble them. Directions via the link below.
    Barb Schram

  • Witches' Brooms

    Witches' Brooms

    This is so simple and brilliant. Cookie dough, pretzels, and decorations are all it takes. Let kids each decorate their own broom! Recipe via the link below.
    Our Best Bites

  • Monster Toes

    Monster Toes

    I’m a fan of simple things with great visual impact and these “Monster Toes” have it! Just a few simple steps and your kids can enjoy chowing down on Frankenstein’s toes. Directions via the link below.

  • Tiny Bones

    Tiny Bones

    I love these! All you need are white chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and little pretzel rods. Let them cool on wax paper and then chow down! Recipe below.
    Illusion of Gourmet

  • Ghost Cookies

    Ghost Cookies

    Yum. Turn peanut butter cookies into little ghosts. Kiddos can help you dip them. Add some ghostly eyes and you’re done!
    Nicole’s Treats

  • Ghost Pops

    Ghost Pops

    You can make these to hand out on Halloween night or to send with your kids to share with their friends. Kids can draw faces on the little ghosts and you can choose your favorite lollipops to use underneath.
    Home Seasons

  • Vampire Teeth Bites

    Vampire Teeth Bites

    These can be made for any season but are especially fun with striped kisses and candy corn. Recipe via the link below.
    Cake Info

  • Rotten Eggs

    Rotten Eggs

    This is a brilliant idea! Watch kids faces when they see all the crazy patterns inside these “rotten eggs”. Use colored dye for fun effect or black for a scary looking egg. Directions via the link below.

  • Mummy Cupcakes

    Mummy Cupcakes

    Simple chocolate cupcakes become mummy cakes with some simple decorations. Have fun letting your kids help make the mummies! Recipe below.
    Skinny Taste

  • Creepy Eye Cupcakes

    Creepy Eye Cupcakes

    Ever feel like someone is watching you? These cupcakes might make you feel that way! Recipe via the link below.
    Sprit of Halloween Blog

  • Halloween Haystacks

    Halloween Haystacks

    No-bake butterscotch haystacks are an autumnal staple! So easy to make, your kids will love feeling so helpful! Recipe via the link below.

  • Wizarding Wands

    Wizarding Wands

    Kids will love being able to decorate their own magical wand. Have a bunch of different sprinkles and candies around and let kids make their own individual “wands”.
    Sweet Treats More

  • An Edible Graveyard!

    An Edible Graveyard!

    I can’t wait till our son is big enough to do stuff like this. Have your kids create a whole edible graveyard. It’s like Halloween’s version of a gingerbread house! Click the link for more.

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