Halloween Music for Young Children

Is there anything more festive than music? It’s harder to come by Halloween music than, say, Christmas music, but there are still some winners out there.

These six CDs are perfect for the very young set – most of the songs are much more on the fun and silly side, rather than spooky.

  • Big Pumpkin

    Big Pumpkin

    The songs on this fun CD are so toe-tapping, you’ll be singing them way past Halloween. A big hit in our house.

    Available on Amazon

  • Disney Halloween Songs & Sounds

    Disney Halloween Songs & Sounds

    Any CD with a song called “Heffalumps and Woozles” is going to be one I want to have. This CD is half songs and half sound effects, which makes it very versatile.

    Available on Amazon

  • Boo. Cackle. Trick or Treat.

    Boo. Cackle. Trick or Treat.

    This cute CD has a whole chorus of darling children’s voices and 17 original songs.

    Available on Amazon

  • Halloween Howls

    Halloween Howls

    The instrumental background is just as good on this CD as the vocals. A good mix of new and classic Halloween tunes.

    Available on Amazon

  • Kidz Bop Halloween

    Kidz Bop Halloween

    All the tracks on here are hit Halloween songs (think theme songs from The Addams Family), sung by kids.

    Available from Amazon

  • Halloween Hits

    Halloween Hits

    Online reviewers call this “the best Halloween music collection around.” Sure to be a hit with your own family!

    Available from Amazon

  • Pandora's Family Halloween Station

    Pandora's Family Halloween Station

    Type in “Family Halloween” in the “New Station” toolbar at the top left of the Pandora website and find all sorts of new family-friendly Halloween tunes.

    Check it out on Pandora

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