Halloween Costume Indecision

For the last two years, we’ve dressed up my daughter in whatever costume we deemed cute (or on sale three days before Halloween, in the case of the monkey costume last year).


This year, though, that came to a screeching halt when Ella suddenly had opinions(!) about what she was going to be.


And, worse, those opinions changed daily. In the month before Halloween, she’s requested to be a giraffe, a shark, a panda, Mickey Mouse, a zebra, a mouse, a whale, and a monkey.

I was afraid to purchase or make anything for fear that, two days later, she’d be demanding a different costume.

Finally, the day before our library’s Halloween costume party, I borrowed a ladybug costume from a friend and she happily wore it.

Now, I’m just hoping she’ll wear it again tonight for a church party and tomorrow to trick-or-treat without complaint.

Anyone else struggled with a strong-willed toddler on the costume issue?

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