Guido’s Baby Coming Sign

When it comes to announcing a pending arrival, there’s no vehicle better equipped for the job than the little Italian forklift, Guido.

Guido Baby Coming Sign

You’ll need:

  • Template for Guido’s Baby Coming Sign
  • Scissors
  • Cardstock or heavyweight craft paper (black, two shades of blue, white, and gray or silver)
  • Glue stick
  • 4 large paper clips
  • Glue dots
  • Sticker letters or marker


1. Print the first page of the template on white cardstock and the second page on plain paper. Then use the pieces as patterns to cut shapes from the specified colors.

2. Glue the wheel hubs piece onto the forklift base, as shown. Then glue the cab in place.

Guido cutout with wheel hub template Guido template with cab cutout

3. Glue the windshield top onto the windshield.

Guido Windshield and Eyes

4. Glue the assembled windshield, the mouth, and the cab roof pieces in place.

Guido cab cutout

5. Create a brace for each of Guido’s forks by separating the two loops of a large paper clip and then using glue dots to attach the upper portion of the clip to the fender, as shown.

Paper Clips in Guido Wheel Hub

6. Fold each of the paper forks in half to create a ninety-degree angle. Then use glue dots to stick the forks to the paper clip braces.

Paper Clip and Paper Fork on Guido Cutout

7. To make the completed forklift freestanding, separate the metal loops on each of the remaining two paper clips, as you did in step 5. Use glue dots to stick the open clips to the backs of the tires. Then, to better secure them, glue small squares of card stock to the tire backs, sandwiching the vertical portion of the clips between the two layers, as shown. Set the forklift upright on a flat surface, and gently bend the extended portion of both clips to balance it.

Guido Cutout with Paper Clips in Back

8. Lastly, use sticker letters or a marker to spell out Baby Coming! on the cardstock sign piece. Then fold a 2 3/4- by 5 1/4-inch black cardstock rectangle in half sandwich board-style and glue the sign to the face of it. Prop the sign atop Guido’s forks, using a couple of glue dots to hold it in place, if needed.

Paper Baby Coming Sign

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