Grayson Update & 18 Photos of His First Month


So — I am a little late in posting since I am the newbie on Disney Baby but, Grayson turned one month last week, November 1st. It’s hard to believe that after my seriously-high risk pregnancy, it has already been a month since our little man arrived. So, here’s a little update. He is sleeping 6-7 hours every night. I know, I feel so lucky. He still has pretty bad reflux but with new formula, added rice cereal and some good ole’ meds, he is finally able to enjoy drinking his bottle. He is taking 2-3 oz. now. Weight gain? Not much. Little guy is still under 7lbs. 6lbs. 6oz to be exact. He was only 5lbs 7oz at birth and the weight has been all over the place but his team of doctors are finally happy with his weight gain for a preemie. His 4 sisters are droolin’ over him. Literally. He is pretty much covered in slob from all their kisses. I would say he averages 60 plus a day. He is definitely loved. He melts our hearts to pieces!

Over the past month I’ve been snapping pictures like a crazy person. My iPhone keeps telling me “storage needed” but, I keep taking them! So – I thought I would share them all with you. See how Grayson has changed in the last month and browse through a few of my favorites via my iPhone.

  • One Month

    One Month

    I plan on documenting every month with these adorable ties you just stick on a bodysuit every month. So much fun!

  • Is that a smile?

    Is that a smile?

    I think so! Maybe the very first little grin for mommy!

  • Playdate


    My best friend has 5 littles just like me – 4 girls and 1 boy. We are so blessed to be able to share so much together. Her adorable miracle baby was born at 34 weeks, just 7 weeks older than Grayson, they are sure to be best friends too! Even if Grayson can’t stay awake to play with friends right now. It’s exhausting being a baby right?

  • Baby Blues

    Baby Blues

    Grayson spends half of his days gazing out the window. I always wonder what he is thinking about…….

  • I Voted!

    I Voted!

    Okay, so maybe he didn’t but he stayed up half the night watching the election coverage and his sister made sure he had a sticker too!

  • HAPPY!


    His sleeper says it all. Baby boy is one happy little guy! We are so lucky.

  • Baby Gray

    Baby Gray

    We just love you. This is one of my favorites. He is so alert for such a little person. He takes everything in.

  • Big Sister Love

    Big Sister Love

    Kennadi {pronounced Kennedy} just can’t get enough of being a big sister. “I want to hold baby now” is what she says probably ten times a day.

  • Stretching to Grow

    Stretching to Grow

    He is always on the move. Always trying to stretch, roll, and kick away.

  • Play Time

    Play Time

    Grayson loves his activity gym. I just tried it the other day and he laid on it looking around for almost two hours without a peep.

  • Really Mom?

    Really Mom?

    How many pictures can you take? And just think — this was when he was only 2 weeks old. He has no idea what he is in for!

  • I'm Telling You....

    I'm Telling You....

    She just can’t get enough! This was Grayson’s first time in his bouncy chair. He was to small to even buckle so, he wasn’t in long enough for me to snap a picture because a little girl was dying for him to try it.

  • Sweet Baby Dreams

    Sweet Baby Dreams

    I feel so blessed that he is such a good sleeper and already on a schedule. He takes his last bottle around 11pm and doesn’t wake up until 5 or 6am just to go back to sleep until 8. Thank you Grayson!

  • Designer Duds

    Designer Duds

    I was so excited when his first Ralph Lauren sleeper fit him. Such a prepster already!

  • Go Redskins!

    Go Redskins!

    Born and raised as a DC native, of course we love the Washington Redskins. Grayson is always dressed up in his football attire every Sunday. Of course, his silly sister is too!

  • Bundled Up

    Bundled Up

    One of my best friends got him this adorable GRAY sweater which I just can’t get enough of. It’s the perfect fit for the carseat and of course, I love the color!

  • So Much Fun

    So Much Fun

    I have to say, I wasn’t quite sure what I would do with a boy but he is just as fun to dress as my girls. Especially with the adorable bodysuits they have now.

  • Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween!

    Only a few weeks old, Grayson loved celebrating his first holiday.


Side note: Grayson thanks everyone for the ongoing prayers, love and support from way back through all of the hurdles in the womb until now. He loves his little fan club! We can’t thank you enough. 

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