From Mohawk to Wild Mass of Curls: Elvie’s Hair in Pictures

In the first photo we saw of Elvie, she had hair, little wispy mohawk and a little bit on the sides. When we met her, the mohawk was still there, and she didn’t have much hair on the back and sides anymore. We loved her little mohawk; people used to ask us if we “did” her hair, and we laughed and said no. It just grows that way. As she’s grown, so has her hair, and it has gone from perfect mohawk to a serious mass of crazy curls. I can’t wait to see what her hair is like as she grows even more. Take a look at her hair progress between July and now, and make your own predictions for her hair future.

  • At the Airport

    At the Airport

    Freshly off the plane and now a United States citizen, Elvie’s mohawk stood proud, even though she was so sick and exhausted. If you can’t feel well, at least your hair can look fabulous, right?

  • View From the Top

    View From the Top

    You can see how little hair there was on the sides, but the mohawk was there in all its curly glory. Her ‘hawk actually looks longer here than in future photos because she was just so tiny.

  • Waving From Her Hospital Room

    Waving From Her Hospital Room

    Once Elvie was on the mend, everything about her started to grow. Here you can see that the sides of her hair filled in at the same time her cheeks did.

  • After a Bath

    After a Bath

    You can see here how her curls get tighter when they get wet; even the sides are curling up here, though they were straight when her hair dried.

  • Starting to Creep Forward

    Starting to Creep Forward

    Her mohawk wasn’t standing up straight all the time; sometimes the front would creep down her forehead a little bit.

  • A Little Bit Fluffier

    A Little Bit Fluffier

    Home from the hospital, we started to see good overall growth, and the day after washing, it would be super fluffy.

  • Showing It Off Even While Sleeping

    Showing It Off Even While Sleeping

    You can see the hair above her ears starting to curl just a little bit.

  • From the Back

    From the Back

    Elvie had virtually no hair on the back of her head when we took custody of her in Ethiopia; she had moved her head back and forth to soothe herself to sleep, and it all wore off. Seeing good growth in the back made me so happy; we knew that she was growing and thriving in many ways.

  • Her First Styling Session

    Her First Styling Session

    Zinashi declared one day that Elvie’s hair was long enough to style, and she set to work immediately.

  • Curling Out From Under Her Hat

    Curling Out From Under Her Hat

    When we first started putting hats on Elvie, no hair was visible. But then, suddenly, there was enough for a curl to peek out the front of the hat.

  • Holding Its Own Under a Big Bow

    Holding Its Own Under a Big Bow

    Big, bold bows can look a little silly when there’s no hair to balance things out. I was so excited when Elvie’s head was big enough that the headbands wouldn’t fall off and her hair was long enough to look like the headband belonged there.

  • Getting a Little Bit Crazy

    Getting a Little Bit Crazy

    This is when we first started seeing crazy curl potential. I love a lot of wild curls, so this was a welcome development.

  • Curling Up Over the Headband

    Curling Up Over the Headband

    You know hair is getting longer when it starts trying to wrap around the headband.

  • Baby's First Bedhead

    Baby's First Bedhead

    Freshly awake from a nap, those curls were looking fabulously unruly.

  • So Much Hair!

    So Much Hair!

    It’s getting longer and thicker, and the sides are starting to curl just like the top.

  • Curling Sides

    Curling Sides

    You can see here how the sides are really starting to fill in and curl up.

  • On the Day of Her First Haircut

    On the Day of Her First Haircut

    As part of the Orthodox Christian baptism service, locks of hair are cut from the top and sides of the baby’s head. You can’t tell any difference, of course, but there are locks of hair to prove that it happened.

  • Fantastically Wild!

    Fantastically Wild!

    Elvie’s hair does something different every day now, but mostly it’s just wild, and I love it. There will be a time for taming and styling it, just like we do for her big sister, but for now I am loving her wild curls.

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