Fourteen Moments of Sunshine from Elvie’s Fourteenth Month

Today Elvie turns fourteen months old, and as usual, I can’t believe that another month has gone whooshing by. I love this stage of Elvie’s life, as she slips from babyhood into toddlerhood. Well, maybe it’s more like she is charging from babyhood into toddlerhood; she’s not really the delicate type. She wants to reach out and grab everything, move faster, get into more stuff, make more faces, make more friends. She is full of such joy, and though I’ve captured some more serious moments this month, mostly it’s her happiness that always shines through. I say, “Keep shining, baby girl.” And as for the rest of you, enjoy these fourteen photos of our little sunshine’s fourteenth month.

  • 14 Moments of Sunshine

    14 Moments of Sunshine

    Whether serious or silly, my baby girl always glows. Here are fourteen of my favorite photos from her fourteenth month.

  • Who Needs Drum Sticks?

    Who Needs Drum Sticks?

    Whether we can locate the drum sticks or not, Elvie is always up for an enthusiastic drum solo.

  • Her Very Own (Very Messy) Muffin

    Her Very Own (Very Messy) Muffin

    Before this past month, I’d always just shared what I got at our local bakery with Elvie. But now that she’s eating really well, she often needs something of her own. This was the first time I ordered something just for her. She loved it, made a giant mess of it, and inadvertently fed about half of it to some very happy pigeons.

  • She Still Adores Her Big Sister

    She Still Adores Her Big Sister

    In fact, she is more eager than ever to follow Zinashi wherever she goes and do whatever Zinashi is doing. This is not the best thing when there are markers involved, but I love seeing how she looks up to her big sis.

  • Our Little Baby Bear

    Our Little Baby Bear

    We think she’s the cutest baby bear ever, extra cuddly, with extra silly expressions.

  • Stretching Tall with Her Mail

    Stretching Tall with Her Mail

    Elvie went through a brief, but hilarious, phase of wanting to lift everything up high to look at it. Sometimes she looked like she was doing yoga. I suppose you can do yoga anytime, anywhere, even when sending out your mail.

  • Getting Into Things

    Getting Into Things

    She knows what she’s not supposed to have, and those things are the things she wants most. When she manages to grab something while I’m busy, she always looks so disappointed when I tell her that she needs to give it to me. Because really? Isn’t she being cute enough to keep it? Um, no.

  • Making Friends

    Making Friends

    This is one of my very favorite images from the month. She was clapping and waving and making friends with a woman across the street while we were waiting for the streetcar. Classic Elvie.

  • Serious for Once

    Serious for Once

    Serious about keeping up with the big kids at the park, that is.

  • Bedhead to Rival Einstein's Famous Hair

    Bedhead to Rival Einstein's Famous Hair

    How she does it, I don’t know, but sometimes she wakes up looking like she’s stuck her finger in a light socket. Her bedhead is always cute, but this is my favorite bedhead style.

  • Trying to Join the Ballet Class

    Trying to Join the Ballet Class

    Every week now, she tries to crawl across the dance floor to join the big girls at the barre. One of these days, she’s sure she’s going to make it. I’m pretty sure of that, too.

  • After Dinner Conversation

    After Dinner Conversation

    She’s clearly having a serious discussion about something with her Ababi. Maybe she is trying to discuss which of the Ethiopian foods we ate that night was her favorite.

  • Asleep on the Bus...Again

    Asleep on the Bus...Again

    When she’s in someone’s arms and the bus is swaying just so, she can’t say no to nap time.

  • Wearing a New Size of Pajamas

    Wearing a New Size of Pajamas

    This was the month that she started to outgrow some of the things I’ve had laid aside for her from the beginning. I had to order a whole new stash of pajamas thanks to mid-month growth spurt. I love footie pajamas on babies, so I didn’t mind getting to choose some new ones.

  • Keeping It Silly, Always

    Keeping It Silly, Always

    It’s just her way. If you’re not smiling, she’ll fix that for you. If she does her best work, she’ll elicit a laugh. She does her best work a lot; I’m pretty sure she’ll continue to develop her skills well into her fifteenth month. I can’t wait to see what new antics she comes up with.

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