Four Steps Forward

It was less than a week ago when Paul started infrequently standing in place without the assistance of holding on to anything. I would trick him into it, slipping my finger out of his tight little grasp, or maybe nudging the coffee table just an inch forward so he could no longer lean up against it.

He would unknowingly stand unassisted for about 15-20 seconds, before he realized what was going on, and then cautiously bend at the knee and resume sitting on his soft little tush.

Because I’ve been down this toddler road before, I knew it was only a matter of time before he would be a full blown walker. Given that he was just learning how to stand on his own two feet, I assumed it would be a couple weeks until we witness those magical first steps.

And then yesterday happened.


I was in the kitchen prepping lunch for myself and the boys. My three year old was across the room playing with his beloved diecast CARS collection, and Paul was doing his usual “stand up and bang on the refrigerator door” thing. I needed to get into the fridge door, so I decided to lure him away with a treat.

I took a pretzel, moved about 3 feet away from him, and in my sweetest voice tried to call him over.

Hook, line and sinker, he did it!

My boy, at 15 months old, took his first four steps, right into my arms. Gage and I congratulated him, clapped, and exchanged hi-fives.

And of course, since that moment, we’ve tried to show off his talents with no success. When my big girls got home from school, nope. When my husband came home from work, nope. Paul can walk, but certainly not on command.

I’m sure more consistent steps forward are only days away for baby Paul, but it’s been made clear to everyone that it will be on his own terms. That is, unless we continue to trick him…

How about you? Were you there when your toddler took his first steps?

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