Following the Leader

My baby girl, “Pink”, has some gross motor challenges. We go to therapies, get expert advice, and do everything we can at home to help her build strength and new skills.

The other day, I realized I’d been missing out on a prime opportunity all this time. Instead of trying to stop her from chasing after her big brother (I get so nervous because of her poor balance and coordination), I did the opposite for once. I encouraged her to play follow the leader.

Pink on the run

Without even realizing it, she was suddenly doing all kinds of things that are very challenging for her — while laughing all the way. She ran. Walked backwards. Walked with one foot in front of the other (with a whole lot of hand holding, but still!). And not once did she start whining and ask me to pick her up because it was too hard.

After seven years of parenting, I’m still learning new tricks. And thanks to this one, hopefully Pink will learn a thing or two along the way as well.

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