My First Boo-Boo

This may not be one of the typical “baby first” moments you think of adding to the baby memory book, but baby boy had his first boo-boo this past 4th of July. He’s had little scratches before, mainly due to scratching himself with his nails. But, this boo-boo, is his first official injury.


Scraped Knee Photo: tamaramarabobara/Flickr

As we were partaking in some minor fireworks in our driveway, baby boy and his big sister were running around, playing, and enjoying the show. Unfortunately, somehow baby boy got tripped up in his sister’s feet and fell to the ground on his hands and knees. He quickly got up and only slightly fussed as he rubbed his left knee. I did what all parents do when their babies fall.

I grabbed baby boy up, sat him on a chair and inspected his knees. He didn’t want me to inspect his knees, but that didn’t stop me. Ignoring his protests, I pried his hand away and proceeded to look. There it was on his left knee – blood. Baby boy had scraped his knee. Luckily, it was a minor surface scrape, not a major cut.

I ran inside the house to grab a bandage and something to clean off his wound. As I suspected, baby boy wanted nothing to do with a bandage on his knee. I was barely able to wipe his knee clean with the cloth, managing only to dab it as he ran away from me. The bandage would have to wait until later.

Thinking back, my husband and I realized that our baby girl (who is now 6-years-old) did not get her first boo-boo until she was probably 3-years-old. Yet, her little brother received his first boo-boo at only 18-months-old. I realize scrapes, cuts, and boo-boos are a part of childhood and this is only the first of many more. But, it was interesting to us that there was such a vast difference in age between our two children’s first boo-boo milestone.

Has your baby had his or her first boo-boo yet? At what age did this milestone occur?

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