Finding the Good in Hospital Life

If I could choose one word to describe hospital life, I would choose tiresome. There’s so much going on around the clock; though things slow down at night, even then there’s something every four hours, minimum. This time around was particularly hard because Elvie had her surgery and recovery period at the same time that the children’s hospital was inundated with cases of flu and RSV. While we received excellent care, at the same time, there were some things that weren’t optimal which no one could do anything about. Add that to the normal stresses of hospital life, and it was enough to make me a little bit crazy some days. Still, there were good things about hospital life, and I feel like taking time every day to recognize and enjoy some of those things made all the difference as our stay stretched out. You may laugh when you read some of them, but that’s okay. Better to laugh than cry, right?

Morning Coffee Delivery One of the things that I wanted most was to be able to be with Elvie when she was awake, and in particular to not have to leave her in the morning. Before our stay, I asked on Facebook if anyone could help by bringing breakfast in the morning, and we had two fabulous volunteers step forward. Having a mocha and pastry show up every morning was heavenly. I could stay snuggled up to Elvie and have my coffee in hand. Brilliant. I only wish I could have that kind of service at home.


Reconnecting With Friends from Our Last Stay I could call them doctors, nurses, and other medical staff, but I think of them as friends, or more appropriately, Elvie’s fan club. It was so sweet to have so many people who remembered Elvie stop by to say hello. We felt so well loved.

Random Moments of Quiet Hospital life is busy, but in a “hurry up and wait” kind of way. I knew better than to try to sink into something that would take concentration, and it ended up being good for me that this was the case. I was able to sit back and enjoy quiet moments in a way I wouldn’t have been able to if I knew I needed to immerse myself in getting work done or replying to complicated emails. My normal life is rarely quiet, and I was grateful to have some moments to just relax, even if they were followed by someone walking into the room and needing to do something disruptive immediately.

Onion Rings and Pudding Parfaits I’m serious about this. I know!¬†Hospital cafeteria food is supposedly really gross, but I liked a good number of things that the hospital cafeteria served. I had a usual lunch, but if it had been a particularly trying day (or couple of days), I’d head straight for what I considered to be hospital cafeteria treats. I don’t think I’ve had better onion rings since I went to Big Boy with my grandma in the eighties, and pudding parfait is something that I think is delicious, but that I would never make at home.

Elvie Being Adored By Pretty Much Everyone There’s nothing that makes a mama feel better than people complimenting her baby. I am no exception. I absolutely loved it that people who were just in our room for a moment would take the time to interact with Elvie and tell me how captivating she is. It did my mama heart good to know that we were adding more people to Elvie’s team every day. Having so many positive voices and faces made the stay sweeter for sure.

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