Sweet Peach Starfish Favor Bags

Inspired by the little pink starfish that helps her fellow Tank Gang members scheme up a way to liberate Nemo from Dentist Sherman’s aquarium, these sparkly pouches make a peach of a gift to send shower guests home with. You can fill them with candy, little seashell-shaped soaps, or even lavender.

Peach Starfish Favor Bags

You’ll need:

  • White organza drawstring favor bags/pouches (4- by 6-inches), sold in craft and fabric stores, and online
  • Pink cotton fabric
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided fusible webbing (such as Steam-A-Seam 2)
  • Steam iron
  • Pressing cloth
  • Template for Sweet Peach Sachets
  • Straight pins (for pinning the template to the fabric)
  • Sewing needle
  • Pink thread or embroidery floss
  • Wax paper
  • Tacky glue
  • Pink 2-hole buttons, 3/4-inch wide
  • Fine-point black permanent marker
  • Toothpick
  • Small rhinestones or faux gems


1. Use a sheet of fusible webbing to fuse two pieces of the pink fabric back-to-back. This will prevent the fabric from fraying when you cut it.

2. Print the template and use it as a pattern for cutting out a pink fabric starfish shape for each favor bag.

3. Attach a fabric starfish to the front of each bag, using the thread and needle to stitch through its center, as shown.

Fabric Starfish on Favor Bag

4. To finish each bag, slip a small piece of wax paper inside. Use the toothpick to apply a couple small dabs of tacky glue to the underside of each of the starfish arms. Gently press the fabric against the organza to stick it in place.


Starfish Favor Bag with Wax Paper Inside

5. Use the marker to draw a small smile on one of the pink buttons. (Tip: You can sketch it in pencil first to make sure you like the shape and then trace over it with marker.) Glue the button atop the starfish.

Starfish Favor Bag with Pink Smiley Button

6. Glue a row of rhinestones to each of the starfish arms, using the tip of the toothpick to apply the glue.

Starfish with Rhinestones

7. When the glue is dry, remove the wax paper, and the bag is ready to fill.

For more Nemo fun, check out the official Finding Nemo site.

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