Finding Magic In the Mundane

The life of a parent can sometimes feel a little bit mundane. You do the same things, often day after day, over and over and over again. Changing diapers, meal times, reading the same books 20 times in a row… over time it can start to feel a bit rote. But, it is in times like these that it is wonderful to take a look beyond the surface and find magic in the mundane. This time with our little ones is so fleeting, and even though there are rough days that feel like they drag on forever, there is even beauty to find in those challenging moments. Look at your everyday moments and find the magic in them.

  • Finding Magic in the Mundane

    Finding Magic in the Mundane

    Those seemingly insignificant little moments in your day? Those are often the ones worth cherishing. Take pause in your day to find the magic in the midst of the mundane. Click through to see a few of my magically mundane moments!

  • Sweet Snuggles

    Sweet Snuggles

    Catching her snuggling up with our dog is a completely ordinary part of Fern’s daily happenings, but it never fails to render me into a puddle of mama mush.

  • Nurturing


    I love seeing my girl at play with her baby dolls and seeing her hug and kiss them and treat them with care. Her little nurturing spirit makes me smile.

  • Tiny Toes

    Tiny Toes

    There is nothing sweeter in all the world than tiny baby toes.

  • Silly Faces

    Silly Faces

    I love seeing my little one’s face contort as she searches her still growing repertoire of facial expressions for just the right one to express how she’s feeling at any given moment.

  • New Experiences

    New Experiences

    All the world is new to a small child and they explore each new experience, even the most mundane, with beautiful abandon.

  • Seeing Similarities

    Seeing Similarities

    There is just something so cool about stopping to snap a quick photo with your child or peeking together in the mirror and seeing little bits of yourself in their appearance. It’s so cool.

  • A Will of Her Own

    A Will of Her Own

    As frustrating as it may be for me at some moments, I love seeing Fern express her will. Whether she wants to go outside to play in the rain, or simply wants another serving of raspberries, I love seeing her likes and dislikes as they develop. It’s fascinating.

  • Pure Joy

    Pure Joy

    Something so simple as a florist giving her a flower to take home is enough to elicit a response of pure elation in my daughter and I love seeing it happen.

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