Feeling Baby Move: One Thing I Miss About Pregnancy

I’m often asked if I ever miss being pregnant. Both men and women alike ask me and are often surprised by my answer. There is a general belief, I think, that women do not enjoy pregnancy and we are miserable creatures when pregnant. While some women may in fact not enjoy their pregnancies for a variety of reasons, many actually do. I know a few women who had pretty stress-free pregnancies and miss the feeling they had when pregnant. I can agree on some level. There are some things I miss about pregnancy, one in particular.

Pregnant Woman Looking at BellySource: Sean McGrath/Flickr


My pregnancies were not terrible. They weren’t blissful either, but not terrible. Both babies and I were healthy during both pregnancies, with no major issues. But, as with most women, I had my share of discomfort, pain, and frustrations. Thinking back on my pregnancies I can say that while I did not enjoy the awkward walking and miscellaneous pains I had, I did enjoy one thing.

I loved knowing my baby was inside. I loved rubbing my belly and talking to my baby. But, most of all, I loved feeling my baby kick and move about. It was probably the best feeling and provided reassurance that all was alright. It did hurt at times, too, but it was a sign (for me) that my baby was strong and active.

When people ask me if I miss being pregnant, my answer is yes, sometimes. And, it’s the absolute truth. Sometimes I do miss being pregnant and feeling my baby moving, kicking, and responding to my words and touch. Feeling my baby’s movements is the one thing I definitely miss about being pregnant.

Do you ever miss being pregnant? If you’re currently pregnant, do you think you will?

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