5 Favorite Ways Older Siblings Like to Spend Time with Baby

My daughter was five years old when her baby brother was born. In the past two years (almost), I’ve seen her be a wonderful, loving big sister. Her baby brother agrees and loves spending time with her. He even searches the house for her when she’s in school!

Baby boy loves his big sister and thinks she’s the funniest person ever. She definitely keeps him entertained and they have lots of fun times together. I wanted to get her point-of-view on what she thinks is fun about playing with her baby brother, so I asked her to share with me. Here, I share her favorite ways to play with baby!

Big Sister and Little Brother PlayingSource: Dustin Jensen/Flickr

5 Favorite Ways Older Siblings Like to Spend Time with Baby

  1. Play with them: Playing together means many things. Sometimes they play with his or her toys, or maybe a specific game. Sometimes they do puzzles together or simply make up a game, often involving chasing each other.
  2. Dance with them: My sweet girl loves getting down with baby boy to some fun music. We often turn up the music and let them have a mini dance party in our loving room. You may just find we join in on the fun too!
  3. Make them laugh: Jokes are a favorite for my seven-year-old these days, so even if he doesn’t quite understand them, she enjoys telling her brother a joke or two. Sometimes, she simply makes him laugh by tickling him or making funny faces. Either way, making him laugh is a favorite for her.
  4. Talk to them: There are times when I’ll find my girl and baby boy sitting together on the couch engaged in what seems to be a deep conversation. He may not be able to fully hold a conversation, but she sure loves talking to him and hearing his limited responses. It’s a sweet moment for them…and me!
  5. Read to them: Being the wonderful reader that she is, my baby girl enjoys reading to her baby brother. She’ll read him board books, picture books, and even short stories. He likes hearing her voice, and she gets extra reading practice!

What are some favorite ways your older children enjoy spending time with baby?

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