Family Resemblance

The minute your child is born people will start commenting on who they think he or she looks like. It’s like they can’t help themselves. One stranger went out of her way to tell me that my son didn’t look a thing like me. And my sister’s son is adopted and she still has people tell her all the time, “He looks just like his dad!” Ha!

I had accepted the fact that Beck doesn’t look too much like me (not that I was disappointed at all) but then the other day I was looking through photos and came across one of me and one of my husband as babies and something surprised me. Here we are:


and here’s Beck:


Sure, our skin tones are quite different and his eyes are blue but look at the shape of our eyes and mouth. I think there just might be some mama in him.

I’m not sure why I was happy about this discovery. I promise I wouldn’t be disappointed if he was identical to his dad. I guess it’s just a nice feeling to be able to physically see your relationship.

Does your child/children look like you or your spouse more? Or do they look more like another family member? Or do you have no idea where their looks came from?

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