Fall Tree Fingerpaint Craft

With Thanksgiving just 4 days away, the holidays are officially upon us, and the Fall season is in full swing.  To celebrate the beauty of this time of year, here’s a simple and fun craft that you can do with your little one on a chilly Fall day.

  • Craft Time!

    Craft Time!

    Click through to get the how-to for creating this simply adorable Fall craft!

  • Supplies


    You’ll need some construction paper, finger paints in Fall leave colors, and a paint brush.

  • Getting Messy

    Getting Messy

    Paint your toddler’s hand and forearm. This will create the trunk and branches of the tree.

  • Press On

    Press On

    Help your toddler press his arm and fingers onto the piece of paper. They really enjoy this part, and the big reveal that comes next!

  • A Trunk & Branches Revealed!

    A Trunk & Branches Revealed!

    Watch your child’s eyes as you lift off their hand and arm and they get to see what they created! A trunk and strong set of branches awaits decorating.

  • Cut & Paste

    Cut & Paste

    If you wish, cut out the trunk and branches and apply to another sheet of paper if you want a more colorful piece of artwork.

  • Paint Away!

    Paint Away!

    Now it’s time to let your little one add the beautiful Fall leaves to their tree. There’s no wrong or right way to do that, just let them get messy and blend their colors to create their original work of art.

  • Paint and Paint Some More!

    Paint and Paint Some More!

    It will take a while for your little one to fill up their tree with pretty leaves, and that’s okay! Encourage them to mix the colors and make their tree any size and shape they wish!

  • Getting Creative!

    Getting Creative!

    My guy decided he wanted leaves all over his piece of art! He declared it was a very windy day and leaves were everywhere. I love how arts and crafts can really inspire and get my children to dream and be creative, and that each experience is a unique one.

  • The Final Results!

    The Final Results!

    I love how unique each tree is, and that every time he made one, he focused on different colors and shapes taking precedence. I also love that the hand print is ever so subtle and that the colors of the leaves are what really stand out. I hope you enjoy this fun craft with your little one, and make sweet memories this Fall season!

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