An Ode To Fall: My Favorite Season To Be a Mom

It goes without saying that having a child means we get to rediscover the mundane, routine parts of life through new eyes. Through a perspective that we once had, but somehow forgot.

Laying in the grass and finding animals in the clouds.

Pulling over on the side of the road just to stop and watch a rainbow.

But Fall — Fall is my favorite season of all.


I love the sight of a toddler on the beach as much as anyone else, wading ankle-deep with a bulging diaper and tiny pail. I also love a baby waddling around in the snow with a padded snowsuit that’s twice the width of him.

But there’s something about watching your child watch the world change colors before his eyes. There’s something about all of the Fall-time outdoor activities — pumpkin picking, apple picking, hay rides — in a distinctly crisper air.

And then there’s Halloween — which takes on new meaning once you have a little person to dress up.

What’s YOUR favorite season to be a parent? 

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