Elvie’s Tenth Month in Photos

Today Elvie is ten months old! Holy cow! When we first saw her face on our computer screen, she was just shy of one month old. It’s hard to believe that we are already getting close to her first birthday. At ten months old, Elvie is an absolute delight. She claps when she is happy and/or excited, waves to say hello, loves to play instruments to videos on YouTube, and sings along to Christmas carols, at the top of her lungs, no less. She can scooch backwards and fling herself in the direction of things she wants, often getting her hands on things we thought we put out of reach. She is enthusiastic and friendly, and in my opinion, the very best baby I have ever met. I might be a little bit biased, but I’m sure everyone will agree she is a jewel of a little girl. To celebrate ten months of Elvie gracing earth with her presence, I’ve pulled together my favorite photos of her from this past month. Enjoy.

  • Sitting at the Table

    Sitting at the Table

    Elvie’s strong enough now to sit up on her own in our high chair, so she can join us at the table. She still has no interest in eating food, but she loves to sit with us and try to pull things off the table and onto the floor.

  • Baby's First IKEA Trip

    Baby's First IKEA Trip

    I braved three forms of public transportation to take both children to IKEA, and it was definitely a hit. I didn’t buy Elvie this bear that is bigger than she is, but I’ll admit I was tempted. Maybe next time…

  • Fancy Baby

    Fancy Baby

    I always joke that dressing my kids is my hobby, but really, it’s no joke. Putting pretty things on the baby is one of my favorite things, and she’s not old enough to voice opinions about her outfits, so I can dress her however I like.

  • In Love with the Self Portrait Feature

    In Love with the Self Portrait Feature

    Elvie is rarely fussy, but when she is, it’s easy to cheer her up. I just let her take self-portraits with my iPhone. Admittedly, I have to help her press the button, but the rest is all her, and all hilarious.

  • Baby's First Thanksgiving

    Baby's First Thanksgiving

    Maybe it’s not very nice that we got such a kick out of seeing her refuse all the Thanksgiving foods we offered her, but I would do it all over again, and I have a feeling that she will think this is funny when she’s older, too. I’m glad we documented the experience.

  • Elvie the Reindeer

    Elvie the Reindeer

    The dollar I spent on these antlers may be the best dollar I’ve spent on anything. The cute just keeps on coming, every single time we put them on her head.

  • Napping with the Cat

    Napping with the Cat

    When our geriatric cat, Phae, first started lying down with Elvie for naptime, I was concerned she’d make Elvie uncomfortable. The opposite is true, and Elvie sleeps longer if the cat curls up next to her.

  • Showing Off Her Pot Belly

    Showing Off Her Pot Belly

    I am so proud of that little belly. Elvie’s motto seems to be “If you’ve got it, flaunt it,” and I approve. Show off that chub, baby!

  • Sleepy Baby

    Sleepy Baby

    Elvie has started putting herself to sleep for naps if we don’t get to her when she’s ready. All she needs is Lamby and a place to lay her head.

  • A Little Concerned

    A Little Concerned

    Usually, she thinks it’s funny when things get crazy, but sometimes the craziness in this house (mostly provided by her big sister) gets to be a little too much, and she starts looking at us like we’re all off our rockers.

  • Passed Out on Public Transportation

    Passed Out on Public Transportation

    Some babies take car naps when the activity they’ve attended has been exhausting, but as a bona fide city baby, Elvie takes her naps in transit on public transportation. If she’s lucky, we take the streetcar, and she can sleep in the comfort of her own stroller.

  • Yaaaaaay!


    Elvie LOVES to clap. If you want a cheerleader for whatever it is you are doing, just call Elvie. If you say yay, she’ll applaud, convinced you must be doing something truly amazing and wonderful.

  • Making My Favorite Face

    Making My Favorite Face

    I just can’t get enough of this funny face. There’s something about the pouty lip combined with the stretched out nose that just gets me every time.

  • Naptime in My Arms

    Naptime in My Arms

    Elvie is the perfect size and weight for snuggling; she seems to fit perfectly in my arms, against my tummy. She usually takes a very short afternoon nap, but if I hold her, she’ll sleep longer. I love to do this, and wish I could do it every afternoon.

  • Baby's First Christmas Tree

    Baby's First Christmas Tree

    Our family Christmas tree is quite small this year, but it’s the perfect size for sharing the stroller with Elvie. She was so excited to bring it home, and I think if she’d been sitting close enough, she would have leaned her cheek against the prickly branches. We love having her here this holiday season and look forward to another wonderful month with our beautiful baby.

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