Elvie’s Expressions: Three of My Faves

Before babies can speak, they communicate in many other ways. Elvie can say a few short words now, but her facial expressions are still the way she tells us a lot about what she’s thinking and feeling. She has always been an expressive baby, and she can certainly ham it up. I love all of her sweet faces, but there are some that I see often, and I definitely have favorites. I love that we live in a time where taking a ton of photos is easy and cheap; I want photographic evidence of these to keep forever. Here are three of my very favorite faces that she makes.

  • The Nose Crinkle Grin

    The Nose Crinkle Grin

    When she is really tickled by something (which is often, since she has a generous sense of humor) she will grin and giggle and crinkle up her nose. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything cuter.

  • Determined to Get Into Trouble

    Determined to Get Into Trouble

    If she’s been told no about something, she might pause for a moment, but then she gets this look on her face and just goes after it. While we do want her to learn to respect the word no, I love her determined spirit. It has served her well.

  • Feeling Her Song

    Feeling Her Song

    Elvie loves to sing, loudly, and she really gets into it. You know she’s feeling what she’s singing when her eyebrows get involved. This is my favorite combination of noise and facial expression. What a funny girl; I’ll never want for entertainment while she’s around.

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