Elvie’s Big Surgery Day: Success!

Yesterday my husband I got up at 4:30am to get ready to take Elvie in for her big surgery. It was a short night, and we knew that we were in for a long day. We were nervous, and felt sad for our sweet baby, but we knew that this would be so good for her. Still, it wasn’t easy. She laughed and smiled as we got her ready to go, snuggled against me on the train ride to the hospital, and proceeded to charm everyone she came into contact with in the process of checking in and getting ready for surgery. Her sunshiney demeanor made it hard to believe that she would be going in for major surgery. Even when we changed her out of the special shirt we bought her for her big day, she stayed chipper. Wouldn’t this just be minor, a walk in the park? I think we came as close as we could possibly get to “walk in the park” status with how Elvie’s surgery went, and we know that it had a lot to do with how many people from around the globe were sending prayers, thoughts, and words of support as she went into the operating room.

At 7:30am, I carried Elvie into the operating room, held her while she was falling asleep with the mask on, and walked out without her. It was so hard; Jarod and I have never left her with anyone else, so this was a big moment in many ways. However, I knew that she was in good hands, and that if the surgery went well, she would be so much better off once she had recovered.


The nurse from the operating room called us every couple of hours to let us know how things were going. We knew what was going on when, and it gave us great comfort to hear that she was stable the whole time and to know what part of the surgery they were doing. Before we knew it, the urologist was in the waiting room to tell us that his part was complete. In fact, he was done so much sooner than we anticipated that I had to sprint down from the cafeteria; I was in the middle of eating lunch when he came to tell us the good news. After that we saw the orthopedist, then finally the main surgeon came down. Then came the hardest part of the wait, when we had to wait for them to finish the last details and take her up to the pediatric intensive care unit.

When we finally got to see her, it was nine hours after I’d left her in the operating room. I have never been so excited to see a sleeping person in my entire life. All the reports from surgery were good, and she was stable. She had many IV lines and drains in, but she had done well enough to not need to be intubated post surgery, and it was only a few hours before they took out one of the lines. As seems to be her usual, she surprised everyone with how well she did in surgery and was doing afterwards.

Today she has continued to improve, and she has officially graduated out of the pediatric intensive care unit and can go to a normal room to continue her recovery. She is groggy and we know she feels pain, but we also know that our little fighter is making strides towards recovery. We are so grateful for her life and for her health.

We are also so grateful for how many people have gathered around us and supported us, who have cared about Elvie and our family. We know that many of your heard our story first here on Disney Baby, and I want to say a special thank you to all of you for caring for our sweet baby, for leaving such kind comments on our Facebook page and our family blog, and for thinking of her and praying for her and sending good wishes from wherever you are to Elvie and to our little family. It means a lot to us that so many good hearted people are following along and cheering for our baby girl. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

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