Dropping Naps for Longer Sleep (Hopefully)

Dropping naps can be a rough transition for both you and Baby. Are you moving in the direction of dropping the third nap for a hopefully earlier bedtime? Is your baby starting to refuse that late afternoon second nap?

Here are some techniques you can try to make for a smoother transition for you and Baby…


Dropping Naps for Longer Sleep

Bye-Bye Third Nap
Cutting out the third nap is all about keeping Baby awake. We started out by slowly trying to push that first and second nap a little bit later each day. When the time came to go down for the third nap, we brought out new activities for him to play with. Going outside and changing the surroundings always helped.

Ciao Second Nap
Dropping the second nap was a little bit harder. He needed that extra bit of sleep to pull him through to bedtime, but refused to go down. This is when we developed quiet time. If your baby is willing to sit in the crib for a little bit, play calming music and let your baby mellow out with toys or a book. If even going near the crib is out of the question, curl up in your bed or on a couch together. About 20-30 minutes of quiet time will usually give them an extra boost to get through the next couple of hours until bedtime.

What techniques have worked for you?


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