Dog Costumes Are for Babies Too!

I picked out my baby’s Halloween costume a little over a month ago…before she was crawling. I realize that babies don’t crawl around when you take them out trick or treating, but since we likely won’t be doing a whole lot of that, it probably would’ve been nice to get her a more “crawling friendly” costume. And as I was thinking about just what a crawling friendly costume might look like, I realized the perfect costume solution…dog costumes! Dog costumes are made for getting around on all fours, which is exactly how little crawlers get around! After a bit of perusing I found quite a few favorite costumes that will look equal cute on a crawling babe or your furry four-legged friend.

  • Dog Costumes For Babies

    Dog Costumes For Babies

    While it may seem strange at first, dog costumes are actually the perfect costume solution for your little crawler this Halloween!

  • Shark


    I can just picture this costume on a little one – a mouth full of teeth outfitted on a babe with only a few would be irony at its finest.

    Purchase from Toys R Us

  • Jockey


    This costume just makes me laugh. If my baby didn’t already have a Halloween costume this would be my top pick for sure.

    Purchase from Party City

  • Raptor


    I know a lot of babies who have perfected the art of making baby dinosaur noises, so this costume would be perfect for them.

    Purchase from Party City

  • Crayon


    This colorful crayon costume also comes in blue – the hat gets me every time I look at it.

    Purchase from Party City

  • Where's Waldo

    Where's Waldo

    It’s not every day you see a baby (or a dog) dressed up as Waldo. For added impressiveness, you could have the whole family dress up as Waldo including the dog and all your neighbors could play a real-life version of “Where’s Waldo”.

    Purchase from Party City

  • Batman


    You can’t go wrong with a classic Batman costume – it’s the go-to costume of choice for little boys (and girls!) everywhere…and apparently for dogs also.

    Purchase from Party City

  • Stegosaurus


    This spiky dino costume would be absolutely adorable on a little crawler.

    Purchase from Party City

  • Pumpkin


    Nothing says “Baby’s First Halloween” quite like the quintessential pumpkin costume.

    Purchase from Improvements

  • Hot Dog

    Hot Dog

    A dog dressed up as a hot dog is funny. A baby dressed up as a hot dog… maybe even funnier.

    Purchase from Improvements

  • Skunk


    An adorable little dress up idea for your little stinker. I had to.

    Purchase from Baxter Boo


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