Do You Ever…?

As a new mom, I’ve found myself doing slightly ridiculous things without even realizing it. Think: Making up little songs to entertain my babe and singing in a Michael Scott high pitched tone. I catch myself in the middle of a silly song everyday and think, what the? I’m sure you have caught yourself doing something similar. So as a mom (or dad) do you ever…
baby photo shoot

  • Find yourself admiring photos of your baby when they’re sitting right next to you?
  • Try to talk to your baby in a normal tone and fail miserably?
  • Wonder why every stranger in the grocery store isn’t admiring their cuteness?
  • Tell them to be patient when you know fair well they have no idea what that means?
  • Get a stomach pain when your baby smiles at you?
  • Multi-task by doing squats while rocking them to sleep?

image: Sugar Photography

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