Do You Correct People When They Call Your Daughter a Boy?

I don’t know if people expect baby girls to have long Rapunzel hair from birth or what, but every single time I’m out with my infant daughter, some stranger makes a comment about “what a smiley little boy you have!” or tells my toddler, “Do you love your little brother?”

I’m not the mom who has my daughter constantly wearing headbands and bows or really frilly things, but her car seat cover is pink and flowered, and she usually has something girly-ish looking on (at least… I think so).

Is boy just a safer guess? I would say people guess she is my son 75% of the time (only about 5% of the time does someone ask first if she’s a girl or a boy).

It doesn’t bother me that people assume she’s a boy, although it does perplex me.


And I’ve stopped correcting people. I’ll usually just say something like, “Thank you!” or “They get along very well.” If it’s going to be a longer interaction than, say, with the grocery store clerk, I might say something like, “She is a smiler, isn’t she?” so they can pick up that she’s a girl without me having to sound like I’m annoyed they assumed she was a boy.

Do you correct people or just let it go? And has anyone else noticed that people guess boy far more often than girl at the newborn stage?

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