Do You Call Your Child By Their Full Name?

My name is Janssen, which means that I’ve been asked, “What do you go by?” about ten thousand times throughout my life.

It’s not a question I mind, but the truth is, I’ve only EVER gone by Janssen. My parents have loads of nicknames for me, but they’re not shortened versions of my name or something they call me on a continual basis. My four siblings, who also all have two-syllable names, have all gone by their full names, from birth to present.

My husband, on the other hand, has never gone by his full name. From the earliest moments of his life, he’s gone by Bart, rather than Barton.


When our first daughter was born, many people asked us if we’d call her a shortened version her name, and we always said no. We’d named her a name we really liked, and that we intended to call her by.


Our second daughter’s name is one that doesn’t really lend itself obviously to shortening, so we weren’t asked the question as much, but, like our oldest daughter, it was never our plan. Bart aside, we’ll probably call all our children by their full first names.

What about you? Do you use your child’s full name or a shortened version of it in daily life? 

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