DIY, Vintage, and Handmade Cookie Plates for Santa!

It was always a tradition in my house growing up. My grandma had gotten me a (now vintage) plate special for Christmas Eve. And every Christmas Eve we would leave out some of the cookies my mom and I had baked, and some milk, for Santa to snack on when he visited our house that night. I would wake up Christmas morning and see the plate with half eaten cookies and get so excited. It’s at tradition I’m excited to pass on to our son when he’s old enough to to do it. There are a ton of great cookie plates for Santa out there, from vintage ones like the one I had to handmade and personalized ones, to great DIY tutorials for your crafty mommas out there. Here’s 15 favorites for you…

  • Especially For Santa

    Especially For Santa

    This is my favorite of the Santa Cookie Plates I’ve found. It’s simple and hip and has got major typeface style.
    Find it at Oh No Ranchio

  • Your Kids' Handwritten Note

    Your Kids' Handwritten Note

    This plate incorporates a special note written in your own child’s handwriting for Santa. How cute.
    Find it at Prarie Hills Pottery

  • DIY Doodle Plate

    DIY Doodle Plate

    Love to doodle? Than this might be just the inspiration you need to create your own custom cookie plate for Santa this year.
    Get inspired at The First Lime

  • Isn't That Smart?

    Isn't That Smart?

    This is just a simple, vintage milkglass set but the shop owner has added this adorable chalkboard For Santa tag so Santa knows these are especially for him. This is great for someone wanting something less kitschy.
    Find it at Homespun Style

  • DIY Portrait Plate

    DIY Portrait Plate

    For you super artsy mamas out there, here is a great idea for sketching simple portraits of your kiddo’s on a plate for Santa.
    Get Inspired at Mermag

  • Rustic Cookie Plate and Cup Set

    Rustic Cookie Plate and Cup Set

    I love this rustic set. It’s imperfection gives it charm. I’m sure Santa will love it too.
    Find it at Claylicious

  • Family First

    Family First

    I love this customizable plate for siblings to leave out for Santa. It’s playful and fun.
    Find it at Fizzy Artist



    I just ADORE this witty and stylish plate. Truthfully this would work even after Christmas but I think it’s especially cute for Santa.
    Find it at Oh No Ranchio

  • DIY Family Plate

    DIY Family Plate

    Let Santa know just who left the cookies for him with this super simple tutorial for creating a custom plate.
    Tutorial via Just Something I Made

  • Vintage Cookie Love

    Vintage Cookie Love

    This looks a lot like the plate I remember. It might be the exact one actually that I had growing up. Vintage charm all the way.
    Find it at That Stuff in the Attic

  • DIY Banner Plate

    DIY Banner Plate

    A simple tutorial for creating a custom banner plate for Santa, from your family.
    Tutorial at HGTV

  • Simple and Personalized

    Simple and Personalized

    This is such a sweet plate, your can write your family name or your kids’ names on it. Just in case Santa forgets who’s house he is at. ;)
    The Painted Name

  • Merry Merry

    Merry Merry

    You can’t get more festive and merry and bright than this plate and cup set for Santa.
    Find it at Etcher Girls Expanded

  • Gilded Joy

    Gilded Joy

    I love this beautiful, gilded, vintage (ugh, are the 90’s really vintage already?) plate for Santa. Perhaps it will remind him of Christmases past.
    Find it at Vintage Wood Man

  • Don't Forget the Reindeer!

    Don't Forget the Reindeer!

    All that flying across the world is sure to tire out Santa’s famous team of reindeer. Make sure to remember a little treat of carrots for his crew!
    Find this bowl at Claylicious


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